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Preparation and Filing of Resolution

A resolution may be defined as an agreement or decision made by the directors or members (or a class of members) of a company. A proposed resolution is a motion. When a resolution is passed a company is bound by it. . The Act generally specifies the matters in respect of which resolutions are required to be passed by the members in general meetings. Basically, there are three types of resolutions: Ordinary Resolution, Special Resolution and Unanimous Resolution. However, in case of general meetings, all three are covered.

Our expert will help you to prepare and filing of Resolution to Registrar of Company (ROC) as per Companies Act 2013 at a moderate cost.

Some of these resolutions which we need to file to ROC can be list as follows:


Fixed Charge:

A fixed charge is a charge or mortgage secured on particular property, for examaple land and buildings, a ship, machinery, shares, intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, trade marks, etc.

Floating Charge:

A floating charge is a particular type of security, available only to companies. It is an equitable charge on (usually) all the company's assets both present and future, on terms that the company may deal with the assets in the ordinary course of business. Example of floating charge is stock,debtors etc.